The craziest electoral campaign of history told by the italian who challenged Trump

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In the last few months, many people have talked about Trump’s victory, but only few of them have shown to have understood something about him. Alessandro Nardone is known across the world as Alex Anderson, the alter ego he has invented to run for the Republican primaries, challenging Donald Trump: a year during which, every night, Alessandro put himself in Alex’s shoes, a young Californian Congressman able to attract nearly 30,000 followers on Twitter.

An experience “in the field” without equals, for this reason Vanity Fair has chosen Alessandro as a reporter for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, at Hillary Clinton’s main events in Philadelphia and New York, and at Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day, on last January 20th in Washington DC. A real tour, about which Alessandro realized a video reportage published by the italian newspaper Corriere della Sera and “Trump, Alex and Me”, a collection of 19 articles by Alessandro, enriched with a detailed analysis on Trump’s communication written by his coach and trainer Francesco Fabiano.

“Trump, Alex and Me”: the victory of Donald Trump told by who knows it better than any one else.

Digital Marketing consultant, Alessandro Nardone writes for Vanity Fair and Il GiornaleOFF. Author of five books, including the bestseller “I hate you to die”, in order to promote the English version of “The Predestined” he invented his fake candidacy for the Republican primaries under the guise of the novel’s main character, the young congressman Alex Anderson. A case history of which newspapers and televisions all over the world have been interested. He followed as a correspondent for Vanity Fair the Republican convention in Cleveland , the elections from New York, Philadelphia and the Inauguration Day in Washington DC. He founded, together with Francesco Fabiano, Politic Manager.


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